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The story of Pongo, a clever dalmatian who arranges to get married to the female of his choice, Perdita, and to round things out gets his master, Roger Radcliff, wed to Perdita's pretty mistress, Anita. Soon Perdita produces 15 puppies, which the evil Cruella De Vil arranges to have kidnapped in her quest to make a fabulous Dalmatian fur coat, also gathering many other puppies in order to accomplish her aim. Helped by the Twilight Bark, whereby dogs throughout the city and the countryside pass along the word of the missing puppies by barking, Pongo and Perdita go into action and locate 99 stolen puppies in Cruella's sinister-looking home, Hell Hall. Pongo, Perdita, and the puppies manage to escape and, through various ruses, elude the pursuing Cruella. Cruella and her henchmen, Horace and Jasper Badun, get their just desserts. Roger and Anita adopt the puppies, and with their new family of 101 dalmatians and Nanny to look after them, plan to build a "Dalmatian Plantation" and live happily ever after.